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Article Series - Liu Zi Jue Editor: Zhang Ming Liang

Zhang Ming Liang Emei Shan  Photo

The Canadian Chinese Health Qigong Organization began teaching health qigong style Liu Zi Jue this August. To provide our members with better knowledge about this style and its background, we are pleased to present the first of our article series. This piece is about Zhang Ming Liang, the editor-in-chief and creator of health qigong style - Liu Zi Jue. Follow the incredible journey of a man whose pursuit for the ancient Chinese wisdoms on health leads him deep into the sacred mountains of Wutaishan and Emei Shan; after which he returns to the city to complete a formal education at the Faculty of Chinese Medicine in Shanxi University and eventually developing new styles of qigong. Still a young man, Zhang is currently leading the renaissance on Yang Sheng - the traditional Chinese art and wisdom on health maintenance.