Our Year 2010-

Canadian Chinese Health Qigong Organization's Inaugural Year

Dear Friends:

As we venture into 2011, Canadian Chinese Health Qigong Organization would like to wish you all a healthy, fulfilling, and prosperous year.

In 2010, our organization has made significant progress with the support of our members, students, and friends. First, our membership has grown from 12 at the end of 2009 to a current total of over 70. Second, our Health Qigong class has expanded from 1 location in North York to a total of 6 throughout the Greater Toronto Area: 2 in North York; 1 in Scarborough; 1 in York; and 1 in Richmond Hill. Altogether, participants of our Health Qigong classes total an annual attendance count of 2332!

Our goal in 2010 was to promote the four fundamental styles of Health Qigong: Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Liu Zi Jue, and Wu Qin Xi. We have completed courses on the first three styles at Cummer Park. A special visit from the Chinese Health Qigong Association in September created a lot of interest amongst our members in Mawangdui Daoyin Shu. Thus, in November, instructor Edward Ho began teaching this new health qigong style. We plan to finish this course by the end of February, 2011.

Highlights of 2010:

In June, Cummer Park Community Centre hosted a cultural day to showcase various activities happening at the centre year round. At the event, Instructor Edward Ho led ten student members in a group performance of Ba Duan Jin and Yi Jin Jing. This was our organization’s first public Health Qigong demonstration and we were very happy to receive complements from our friends and other attendants.

In December, Cummer Park Community Centre invited us again to perform at the centre’s Holiday Party. To add interest, we prepared a specially choreographed routine that integrated Ba Duan Jin and Yi Jin Jing. Our student members had to learn it in a very short span of time. As always, they took up the challenge with bravado and great enthusiasm. The final performance was a show of great effort and concentration by our members. Following that, duo instructor Edward Ho and student member Frances Kwok performed Mawangdui Daoyin Shu. Both performances were a success and had captured the attention of many party guests.

Our mission in 2011:

North York Cummer Park Location:
January to February, 2011 – Mawangdui Daoyin Shu course;
April to June, 2011 – Wu Qin Xi course

Other Class Locations in the GTA:
We will be teaching various styles of Health Qigong at different facilities according to demand and student progress.