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Health Qigong ClassWe offer Health Qigong classes at Cummer Park Community Centre (North York) every Friday. Visit us for a complimentary lesson.

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Health Qigong

Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin

Discover one of China's traditional health maintenance exercises.

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to the Canadian Chinese
Health Qigong Organization.

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to help foster an active lifestyle for older adults in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, through physical fitness and community building.

The low impact nature of Health Qigong is especially suitable for mature age groups. It uniquely combines movement with Chinese medical principles. Thus, allowing one to achieve holistic physical fitness in gentle rhythms.

GTA Health Qigong Classes:

Carefirst Community Centre

Bayview Hill
Hwy 16th & Spadina Scarborough
Finch & Middlefield Omei Centre
Hwy 7 & Valleymede Dr

Carefirst Health Qigong Class


Cummer Park CC
Leslie & Cummer
Oriole CC
Don Mills Rd W
Main St Unionville

Cummer Park Health Qigong Class

Mon Sheong Foundation

Birchmount & McNicoll

Mon Sheong Health Qigong Class

Yee Hong Centre

Richmond Hill
Bayview & Weldrick
Scarborough Finch
Finch & Middlefield

Yee Hong Centre Health Qigong Class